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Free Gadgets


Hey-O busy Business Owner

Free copywriting gadgets to get you up and going in a flash and as you absorb this information, you'll start to wonder why we didn't meet sooner. (These 3 are Crowned Audience Favorite) 

Be legendary 

This content creative guide reveals how to create lead magnets on the fly, so you never wonder what to write about again. This strategy has helped me land corporate clients and nab free software upgrades without becoming an Instagram model.

Collecting Your coin

Mortgage due? Cash flow low? Get paid from (wayyy) past due invoices, follow-up pitches and squash "Why should I buy from you questions" all SCRIPTED. Without busting kneecaps or black magic.

35 boring buzzwords to smoking hot copy

Over 233 Business Owners have downloaded this guide. Stop selling yourself short and pitch with passion, conviction and smoking savviness. Words can do that.