Passion Infused Copy


Freelancer, finally —have clients scrambling to work with you…

(even if selling makes you cringe)

Clients will be singing “Name, name, name…can’t you see, sometimes your words just hypnotize me.”

Clients will be singing “Name, name, name…can’t you see, sometimes your words just hypnotize me.”


What if 90% of the people who read the copy on your website were already sold on you before the consult call?

That would mean, you wouldn't have to do much pitching, of course.

It may seem like a skyscraper of a number, considering 10% is the unicorn conversion rate for most industries. SO HOW, pray-tell, can you hit 90% or higher?! I'll tell you...and it's not going to require changing font-type, button colors, no HTML coding or adding lifeless photo stock to your website.

HERE’S THE TRUTH, most industries cast their net too wide —then the number of people who need them and could purchase from them —plummet. Attracting tire kickers rather than ideal buyers.

I promise you, you're already doing it in your daily life.

You just haven't been able to translate that same energy onto the page. It's going to click —once you get your hands on Passion-Infused Copy, including the mindset needed to generate brand presence and financial shifts that led me to secure a $2,000 contract from a single private message.

All the blogs on website copy can't save you.


It's generic, for one.

But the secondary reason —the gigantic purple elephant in the room reason— it boxes you into sounding like everyone else. And then customers only focus on PRICE as a differentiator from your competition instead of HOW YOU CAN HELP THEM.

That is what we want to avoid like the plague.

You lose money in the wasteland of price-matching + You waste time in the twilight zone of tire-kickers = two business burners.

We want to kibosh this!

My spidey senses are telling me you are tired of being burned by lowering your fees just to seal the deal. Because every time you do —you wished you didn’t. And it’s usually the clients, you lower your fees for, that require THE MOST WORK. Am I right?...I know am right. I’ve been burned too and now I use my battle scars as conversation starters.

Let's prove to your future clients you're worth every damn dollar you set.

Listen, you could continue handing out family and friend discounts. You could barter your services for way less than it's worth. And hate yourself the morning after from exhaustion and stopping your monthly manicure treatments because —real bills matter now.

You can keep doing all of that...

Or get your hands on Passion-Infused Copy instead.

This isn't a fairytale, there is evidence all around us of businesses that do and earn what they want. We see it every day on the timeline. We wonder how someone with no talent is booked solid?! WTF

Major Key Alert!: it has nothing to do with talent and everything to do with how you present it. And I am going to show you how it's possible.

When you know how to dig into the deepest desires of what your brand has to offer customers. Your message is now positioned from an emotional worldview. And when you're positioned from an emotional worldview, you can begin to tap into their secret wants and arouse buy-in.

This is your competitive edge.

*dramatic-unnecessary-drum roll. Pleaseee*

Introducing, Passion-Infused Copy Review: unlock personalized-to-you recommendations of your entire website and documented for easy implementation. All with one goal: attract only the clients dying to work with you.

It's addictive to have your work valued by clients that think you're the best thing since Saturday morning cartoons.

All Passion-Infused Copy reviews include:

1) An intensive deep dive using my certifiable Branding Project Planner

2) A 45 min rapid-fire strategy call with me

3) A written out recommendation bible of what goes where (so you own the holy grail of an unmistakable brand designed exclusively for you to duplicate your success in your marketing)

Most freelancers appear scattered in their messaging.

As a result, produce confused, underwhelmed and turned-off buyers —people that were about to give you money, but don’t. This perpetual bad dream, could be over, if you leverage something I call a signature voice to command the rates that allow you to sleep at night.

If you're not using the "right words" on your website it could be costing you more than money.

*You'll be taken to a payment page to secure your slot in my calendar. This is a VIP limited-space offer.