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Got Questions?



If you’re reading this, you’ve probably viewed a few copywriter portfolios and they’re all starting to sound alike. You may have even hired one in the past and now wondering “Will I be treated like another order in the queue and rushed along?” 

So, you’re skeptical…

As you scan every word of this web page you will begin to discover how effortless this could have been.

+ What is Copywriting & Why Do I Need a Copywriter, Anyway?

Wait. What?!... Not to be confused with Copyright legal jargon. Also not to be confused with proofreading or blogging. Desperate dillies think it's the same thing. It's not. If you're still curious on why you need copywriting, Wiki has the answers.

+ Can We Do a Test Run?

Of course. Cash or Credit? No...that's not what you meant? Oh.

+ How Do You Charge?

By project and monthly retainer. Counting words limits creative range. Copy projects start at $500 and payment plans are available for the extra special ones. See my rates here.

+ Do You Offer Refunds?

Once we’ve made contact, I’ve already started crafting your copy. There are levels to this. I can’t offer you a refund, but I CAN offer revisions, time and dancing GIFS.

+ What Do You Need From Me?

For you to be open, honest and your 1st born child. (Kidding!) Fill out the Branding Project Planner provided openly & honestly. I have had a few who wanted to fly pass this part but afterward, sorely regret it.

+ How Long Before I Get Stuff Back?

It depends on your project size. Small Projects: 10 – 14 business days. Large Projects: Minimum 30 days —give or take. It’s not pixie dust and witchcraft over here, but I do use a bit of unicorn magic. We’ll be in communication the whole ride. You’ll know if I’ve run off to the islands to live for the rest of my life…my Twitter will be flooded with pics.

+ What If I Don't Like What You Wrote?

There’s a highly unlikely chance…the odds are in your favor. But if by some sorcery I crack, you do get free revisions.

+ Why Should I Choose You Over So-and-so?

It’s more than words. I get the hustle.

I’d love to see the growth and success of your business, after our time together. I’m interested in being your #DayOne and unfortunately, I overdeliver. I can’t help it…but again the odds are in your favor.

+ What's The Process?

1) Reserve Your Spot. Take a 5 Q’s Survey to secure your seat & begin our working partnersip.

2) Make a Payment. After invoice is paid. You’ll be directed to a full-length Project Planner to dig deep into your brand identity and pull out pure GOLD.

3) After you accept your private invite to your Project Management Editing Planner (aka Google Doc), 1st draft version is sent to you (up to 2 revisions). You have a peek at the nuggets and we chisel at it until it matches your voice and target.

4) Final Version All Dolled Up! (With your brand voice guide in hand). You get the final version emailed to you sounding like the superhero you are.

+ Tell Me The Fine Print Upfront

The MAJOR KEY you need to know about our time together is this: Deadlines and Sign-offs.

I’m a stickler for timelines and you’ll always know what stage we’re at in the editing process. Any web copy done by me will be credited as “Copywriting by Tennile of She Is Epic”. Just like a web designer's stamp of endorsement. And of course, finish products get free promotion on my behalf.

+ Can I View Your Portfolio?

Click here to get access now.

“Shout out to Tennile! Thanks so much for the pow wow on my consult call for my product’s page. You definitely made a huge impact on my thinking (and my site).”
— Jen Rudd, Business Coach for the Working Woman