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Content writer in Mississauga for small business owners.

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You Probably Already Know —Nobody Should Skim, Glance or Gloss Over Your Message

You've put in too many hours for your words to fall flat

“I love this because it’s so creative! It doesn’t sound like anyone else’s sales page I’ve read for an offer like this. It reminded me of Ash Ambrige without the f-bombs. It made me think, I wish I could clone your brain and use it for aaaalllllll my copy!”
— Keizra T. Griffin, Brand Architect

Dear Passsionaire, if they've landed on your website —expertise isn't the question. It's "Will you understand what I want?" And that's when the words of seduction kick-in and you get them exactly where you want 'em.

Eating out the palm of your hand. 


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Web BOOM **Bestseller**

Strong Missions Are Hard To Ignore. And so are the words that hook, not only their attention, but their pocket book. Your future forever-clients won’t stand a chance with this signature package.


- An Action-Oriented 60 min Strategy Call

- Passion-infused copy written for three of your high-selling website pages (which are usually the Home, About, and Services pages)

Starting at $1,497


“Really great to connect with you, Tennile! 😄 I love the content you’re creating 🙌”
— Paul Thomson, Buffer


Marketing KaPow

The lead generation magnet, also known as, your never-goes -to-sleep sales team. Turn your bold ideas into a brand obsession. Make your audience anticipate your next launch announcement or product offer. Whether print or online —market your stuff minus the hard sell.

This signature package includes:

- 45 min Brainstorming Strategy Session

- 1 pager print or online marketing material is copywritten (Think, media-directed press release, template-designed brochure or flyer, 800-word think piece)

Starting at $999

Wanna Go Bolder?

Add $499 for the design-copy of an ebook, pitch deck, or video name it.


“I just wanted to say I LOOOOVE everything you write. I enjoy reading your articles - they are informative, helpful and entertaining. I look forward to reading your work every day. Just wanted to share that with you.”
— Michelle Joseph, Publisher at Words With Michelle


RainMaker Messaging Pop

Share your brilliance online. Hand over the Batmobile keys, your words are in the driver's seat. Copywritten messaging and/or platform management for a company's social media to fascinate and flourish online.

Starting at $199


“She really gets your “voice” right! Would refer in a heartbeat!”
— Kim Hope Lofton, K Smith Design

Bonus Add-ons:

*Signature packages above can qualify for any one of these free upgrades:

  • Clickable social media messaging to get eyeballs on your legendary launch

  • Unlimited email guidance + copy support so you feel loved on

  • Upload of new copy/content to the website (SquareSpace or WordPress) you must provide access

A La Cocktail

When you want to skip the dinner date and head straight to the bar


Copywriting Mini Bar Services


Passion-Inducing Branding Discovery

$498 value included with each purchase of Copywriting Services listed above

  • We dig into the deepest desires of what your brand has to offer customers. Everyone buys from an emotional worldview. We'll tap into their secret wants and tease out the underlying themes we uncover for pieces of copy that tantalizes your reader's buying finger (This goes deeper than a buyer persona. This is your competitive edge).

The Passion-Infused Copy Review: 498

  • Unlock personalized-to-you recommendations of your entire website and documented for easy implementation

Email Campaigns: 199 per email (bundle of 5 or more 99 ea.)

Lead Generating Articles/Content: starts at 499

Custom Content & Messaging Consulting: 200/hour


Double Shot

Full Video Conversion audit of Profile

(what to keep, toss or promote to stand out online. Including a free headline revision)

LinkedIn Shooter
Bottoms up!

“Tennile gave me some MAJOR pointers & showed me exactly what to do how/where to do it (place copy). Incredible. Not only that, she wrote up a headline & summary that truly represents ME! (It gave me GOOSEBUMPS!) Yes!!! Tennile, wow. You’re so insightful & talented. Thank you...” - Alyssa Gavinski, Felicity + Design

LinkedIn Shooter: 129

Hot Damn Facebook: 129


*Drunk off Copy Fine Print

STOP and ask yourself where you will be in one week if you don't have the "right" words in your marketing and messaging right now? Don't lie in bed tonight —thinking about how you’re going to prove the naysayers wrong without buying this service to confidently sell your thing. Do it now, while you're thinking about it!

Hey! You do know, I'll treat your business like it's my own --right? I'll guard the very secrets you've been hiding from even yourself. I don't take what I do lightly, ( the whole saving good people from bad copy gig ). Not for a second.

Hey! You do know, I'll treat your business like it's my own --right? I'll guard the very secrets you've been hiding from even yourself. I don't take what I do lightly, (the whole saving good people from bad copy gig). Not for a second.

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