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How I got wrapped up into copywriting. The short story.

Creative Copywriter
Creative copywriter
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Here's the backstory.

I started She Is Epic for Business Owners to become the hero in their own story. Because "Buy Now" buttons are becoming more and more like the extremely loud street vendor you walk right past. 

I'm guessing...finding the right words for your website is like praying for a soul mate on Tinder, standing out online is as hopeless as Black Friday Shopping at Best Buy. Annnd compelling readers to become devotees is hard and you're as stiff as a Teenager's smelly sock. 


Selling your stuff should be less ick and more HELL YES! (Am I, right?)


You don't want to be another hopeless romantic about "finding the right words" or suck up any more precious time doing it on your own.

You've put in too many hours to have your words fall flat now. 

99.9% of the people who read my web copy are sold on me before we speak. Before I re-did this website to superpower poses and fancy purple buttons, I still sold services at $2,000. 


It was a simple Wordpress theme with bathroom selfies!? It didn't matter that my website looked super basic. What mattered was you could read who I was, what I stood for and most importantly, how I could help you...


So now, the consult call becomes an "Are we a good fit?" rather than an icky pitch.


This business that you're cradling is alive and REAL. 

Each one of us stepped out on a whim, taking the risk to sink or skyrocket. If we're really being honest, we took a major risk and want to make sure it pays off. Handsomely.

I left a 10-year Social Service career in a non-profit to try my hand at turning this writing dream into a full-time reality. I didn't secure a journalism degree or shell out thousands for formal training. Writing has always been something I did. Just never took it seriously and also didn't think I could make any real income from it. It was for my eyes only. I was wrong on two fronts: 

1) It wasn't for my eyes only

2) It is a tool to reveal more heroes like you into the world to be seen and KEEP YOUR DREAMS REAL  
2.5) I make real income with words (<---- My Superpower)

So, I've determined the only way to make a true connection is to show your passion and heart. Like every Superhero you know, it means you stand for something. Listen, there's plenty of room to be a copycat but there is no competition to be Y.O.U.

I've been saving good people from bad copy, helping them raise their rates and granting the guts to put their stuff out into the world --since my basic Wordpress days. *Everyone has their "when I came into my power" story. I want to write yours.


Are you ready to join forces?