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You are the superhero in this story.

Helping customer-focus Companies Be Human Online

Drive Brand Loyalty and Prosper 🖖🏾


A customer-focus company like you often works hard to constantly improve the customer experience. It's in the forefront of your mind --"What could...not only make my customers lives run smoother but also the company?" Knowing those two goals are one in the same. 


Happy customers mean booming business. 


Zap traditional marketing

But your process of reeling in new customers and growing with the ones you have has become outdated. Prehistoric even. You already know it's easier and (less expensive) to sell to existing customers than go seeking for new ones. Referral sales are your bread & butter...and also easier to close.


Happy customers spread the good gospel.


Ultimately, driving brand loyalty and allowing you to spend less & less on traditional marketing.


bam online marketing

Companies that put customer satisfaction as a priority are the same companies gaining traction online. They listen more than they talk. They focus on customer feedback more than their bottom-line. And they never, ever compromise the buying experience to keep up with marketing trends.




My mission is to help you navigate the digital world of content marketing without running on the "staying afloat" treadmill. We will strategize how to put your company's passion on the page to stand out from the competition. 

No fluff, no stress and not another thing added to your plate. Just the right words that help your business continue to prosper.


More intel on how I help:

The backstory and why She is Epic came into existence. 

Clients of mine share their experience working with me (and are secretly superheroes too).

Answers to the questions I typically get asked. Things like, "Do you work project-base?" or "Do you do the copywriting or someone else?" Yep and all me.


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