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Everyone knows, some heroes you'll never meet or know their name. But what if they did reveal their identity to remind others what is possible? Testimonials from a few business owners I call superhero.



superHero: Madlen Aram

Alias: SAAS Founder at

"I have experienced the power of pro-level copywriting with Tennile Cooper. Not only is she capable of swiftly understanding the client’s challenges but with her excellent process, flow & methods in place it effectively helps you unknot your copywriting issues. Not having the words to humanly express the major benefits of my software, stalled my project. Now the launch release date has moved up!."


superHero: Nathalie Talom 

ALIAS: Nutritionist Health Coach For The Body Of Christ

"I tripled my rates and landed two clients immediately after the new copy was published. I found it hard to express my message and find the right words. Tennile will ask you tough questions to help you get clear on your ideal client and message. Then she will use your passion to attract your target client by pulling out their deepest struggle. Tennile made me feel understood and showed me what I have to offer is valuable. She said “People will buy it Nathalie!” And they did."



"When searching for a copywriter Tennile’s wit, passion and personality immediately won me over. Talking with her about my business I felt like she genuinely shared in my excitement. She felt me. One of my biggest concerns with working with a copywriter was keeping my voice authentic. I did not want to sound like a generic version of myself. She asked tough questions that made me think. It’s like she wants you to be the best version of you. She truly is rooting for you. Tennile has a way of extracting your essence and making you sound like how you think you sound in your mind. If you are passionate about what you do, and know in your heart you have a gift to share with the world, hire Tennile. She’ll help you turn your passion into words."


Superhero: Faisal Akbar

Alias: Career Coach, CMA Employment Consulting Services

"In hiring a copywriter to develop my employment marketing brochure, I was looking for someone who was professional, committed and took a genuine interest in understanding my business to make me stand out. As well as speak directly to my clientele. Tennile met the criteria with flying colors. She really stood out among others in her industry. She was able to translate my thoughts into powerful words to attract the clients that need my uncommon coaching style. She definitely has the ability to make your passion & skills stand out and it was a pleasure to work with her. Thanks, Tennile!"


superHero: Julie Cornish 

Alias: Online Business Strategist and eCourse Expert

"My ebook went #3 on Amazon’s best-sellers list in 24hrs.! Tennile’s style of writing fits with my personality, I love making my reader’s experience fun. And the level of service and efficiency is unmatched. I was extremely pleased with how she gave real valuable feedback & customized for my needs. I have a fabulous ebook in my possession to generate highly engaged leads to my business! I would definitely recommend She Is Epic for all your copywriting needs."