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Villains & secret weapons revealed. Content writer in Mississauga for small business owners.

Pay Attention Friends, Fashion Nova Sets Thirst Traps But it's all a Part of a Multi-Channel Marketing Plan *Inserts Evil Laugh*

New Term Alert: If you haven't been taking an "Integrated Marketing" approach to the way you promote, sell or, share your product/service —you'll want to take feverish notes here. In a multi-channel world, it’s easy to get lost in the clutter and even harder to sashay onto centre stage (the confidence and 6-inch heels required, BAABY).

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We Need to Talk About Social Media Marketing Tips That Don’t Lead Us Down (Deep Dark) Bunny Holes

VIDEO POST: Although we can't rely too heavily on social media (due to the outage of Facebook & Instagram last week for 20hrs!!) —we do, however, need to marry our offline and online strategies to pivot effortlessly in those times of crisis. Social media marketing tips that won't lead you down bunny holes or suck your soul dry.

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