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'Tis the Season: 5 Out-Of-Office Replies For Business Owners to Copy & Paste

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Coming up with something witty, enlightening or useful to mention in your out of office reply can be daunting. 

Hence the reason, many just use the default vacation response: "I am out of office. Returning Jan. 2nd". How uncreative.

You just missed the opportunity to let potential or existing clients in on upcoming projects, an exclusive freebie or just your good ol' charming personality. Show them you have a life outside of work! You do, don't you? Instead of going the ho hum route, take a little extra time to treat the people thinking of you over the holidays —with extra special care. WORDS, they can mean a whole lot when given some thought.


How To Use These Scripts:

  1. Copy & paste desired script into your email message

  2. Insert your name into the <Your Name> brackets

  3. Swap out *he* or *she* to match your pronoun

  4. Be charming and sassy all in one but make it your own! (These scripts are not set in stone)


1. An Out-Of-Office Reply For When You Want to Show Your Personality & Professionalism:

Happy Holidays from me to you.

I'll be away from <date> to <date> enjoying Eggnog and everything else that brings me cheer. And I am wishing you cheesy family traditions on a full belly. When I return we can re-sync our schedules and re-initiate our plans to take over the internet.

Joy to the world,



2. An Out-Of-Office Reply For Business Owners Who Take The Holidays, Seriously: 


Deck the halls...

Thank you for your email buuut I’m out of the office.

Don't worry, I'm only gone for the holidays and will be back <Date of Return>. During my much-needed break, I will have private island access to email.

For immediate assistance please contact me in the New Year, as I too, follow an after-Christmas return policy.

Feliz Navidad,



3. An Out-Of-Office Reply For The Christmas Tree Huggers and Holiday Lovers:


You've reached the inbox of <your name>'s Elves.

We're filling in for awhile, as *she's* stepped out to prepare for the holidays. *Her* family is coming over and *she* hasn't done a thing. Between me and you, *her* mother-in-law wasn't impressed last year.

Try again <date> in the new year. By then, the resolution would be to stop hosting family gatherings.

Signed <your name> Elves.


4. An Out-Of-Office Reply That Packs a Pitch: 

Hey, Youuu...

This message is automated FYI because I've gone on a binge eating fest. I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS! I'll be back by <Return Date> though.

Did you email me about <What You Do>? Lucky guess, here is my latest <Freebie/Checklist/Book> to help you out in the meantime. It's the least I can do.

Happy Holidays and bingeing to you too,


5. An Out-Of-Office Reply To Show Your Expertise and Promote Your Social Media Links via an Autoresponder Bot:


Guess who's got email duties today? This Autoresponder Bot.

That means <your name> gets the holidays off!

If you want to see what *she’s* up to your best bet is to snoop *her* <your best social media> or <2nd best social media>. Don't tell *her* I sent you, as *she* usually has email writing duty, <what you spend your time doing for work> and other stuff.

Fun Fact: <your name> and I are never on at the same time (MIND BLOWN, right?)

Which means, I get to step in when <your name> is hosting/running <upcoming event or signature program you want to promote>. Giving my life a purpose, you know...

Anyways, thanks for stopping by and Happy Holidays!

AB (the autoresponder bot for <your name>)


*Here's how to set-up your Gmail for: out of office reply or vacation response.


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