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If Your Sales Logic is to Convert The Unsold, Save Yourself The Stress

A client asked me once: "How do you convince someone to buy from you?"


Being a Copywriter, I guess.......she thought that's what we Copywriters do. She waited with bated breath for me to reveal the secret of how I convince the pants off a prospect, woo them with my words then pick up the cash on the nightstand.


Flat out: I am not in the business of convincing or making you a believer. #nobodygottimeforthat

I just show you how I can help. 


As a writer, first, I want people to feel me --not only read what I write. Pitching myself always felt like I was begging for a chance.

Hence for many years, my sales logic would be: "You want it or not?" 



Fortunately, I've grown to be more poetic in my approach (overtime) but the underlying logic remains the same for me. If you have to convince anyone that working with you is in their best interest, then you've failed at SHOWING them ---the value---.

(Or...they ain't the right fit. Totally possible too). 


Show don't tell. Can you feel that?