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3 Unexpected Things You Should Do After They Smack Buy (Fill in the Blanks)

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Once the hunt is over and the sweat of your brow dries...

Do you move on to the next prey or season the catch of the day?

Without losing you in this hedonistic analogy. What happens after a client purchases from you? 


"Does it stink like rotten meat? Or crust and sugar over— like a syrupy sweet?" As Langston Hughes put poetically. 


What happens next? Because what happens next is what stops the giddy nostalgia from wearing off, or them re-thinking their decision. Which leads down the bunny hole of buyer's remorse (and turning your customers off).

Do you consider the feelings brought to the surface, after purchase? 

Excitement! 😝

Relief. 😁





What you do with your next steps will secure future investments. Thrilling testimonials and/or rare referrals. Not only, what you do before the purchase matters but AFTER is what separates your brand from the pile of everyone else.


3 Unexpected Things You Should Do After They Smack Buy (Fill in these Blanks)


Welcome Them

This is a given.

Acceptance is a human desire we all crave. When there's a warm hello waiting in their inbox --it eases nervousness. Beyond the cold receipt. You can achieve this in a welcome email and/or re-direct them to a private thank you landing page.


Celebrate Them

Working with you warrants a celebration.

Together you are tackling a fear. Fear of losing money, running out of time, being devalued, not standing out, getting what they *really* want, or failing. Whip out the champagne flutes and make a personal toast. You can achieve this by sharing what experience they can expect from you.


Reassure Them

They're in good hands.

You have their best interest. You will not disappear once the cheque clears. Show up immediately after and months later to show, they've made the right decision. You can achieve this by telling them what's next, so they're not second-guessing or emailing you for details. You can follow-up with things they've discussed and needed help with by sharing articles, linking resources or bundling something special from your service.


On average, loyal customers are worth up to 10x as much as their first purchase. A well-crafted email can get you in the door, a thoughtful one can get you repeat business. All a customer wants in the end, is to not turn up like rotten prey meat but experience an orgasmic syrupy sweet. 

My man, Hughes.


Ex. Email Flow Chart of the After Purchase Experience

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