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How to Conquer Self-doubt This Year with Pure Genius

Self-doubt is a mutha*****r.

Let’s just put that out there. I can remember when I first started She is Epic. I started with video. For promotion efforts of getting my brand out there. I was going to be a YouTube Star! I had it all planned out. I came up with a phenomenal script, my make-up was flawless and I had a friend who just so happen to be a Videographer. (friends with skills!)

I was set.

Only thing was, I didn't feel comfortable on screen.

Once I sat in front of the camera...I was stuttering, sweating and looking bewildered into the lens. Jesus take the wheel. I thought I had this. I started to think about what others would say after seeing my video. None of those thoughts yield a positive outcome.


This anxiety, I was having immediately robbed me of the joy I got from doing my business.


I could no longer speak from a place of knowing. It was now clouded by my lack of self-confidence in being a world renowned YouTube star.

My friend reminded me “Speak from the gut, you know this stuff.” I smiled nervously as I looked over at my makeshift teleprompter on my laptop.

“I got this. I got this.” I tried pumping myself up. I eventually got through that ordeal alive.


The lesson.

Start with what you are supremely good at then build on it.


Video wasn’t for me. I know that now. I was trying to follow what was hot instead of doing what I do best.

I write.

My pure genius is to write articles that speak to people. As I build on my craft I add audio, so my voice transcribes my emotions just as I want it to read online.


How many times have we gotten stuck because we're too busy playing a role we didn’t audition for?


Build on your genius and from there it can take you anywhere you want to go!




You KNOW your stuff...

Are you ready to up your genius and play at new levels?



Share this with a friend you know, who could benefit from this greatly.

It’s time to get more out of life.