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God Told Me To Tell You: Don't Make Everything An Event

poem about worrying


If I could have it my way I wouldn't worry about a thing.
But I worry.

I worry about my daughter returning back safely to me every day in one piece.

I worry about my parents growing older and being financially ready to support them.

I worry about my partner and I splitting and ruining our foundation of friendship. 
He is my first real best friend.

I worry about not living up to my full potential.

I worry about dying and leaving no legacy -- no footprint.
Not even writing that book I talked about my whole entire life.

I worry about paying my bills on time. 
Who am I kidding? I worry about paying my bills. There are so many. Adulting is hard.

I worry. 
I think I got it from my mama.


Then one day a voice said, "Don't make everything an event."
I don't usually hear voices but when I do it's confident and firm yet loving in its approach. 

So I listened.

Then I wrote it down.
It seemed important.
It was something I needed to hear that morning.


"Don't make everything an event."


It didn't say much after that but I can fill in the blanks.

Don't make everything an event -- just do what needs to be done.


There is no room left for worry when it's no longer one.