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How Automating This Can Stop You From Losing Customers (The Adele Version)


Hello, it's me.

I've been over here listening to all your biz pains.

To end the overwhelm and cluelessness.

You've forgotten how to explain, what it is you do.

And I would like to help.

 Hello, can you hear me?

They say, your welcome email is the conversation after the hello.   -Click to Tweet

And this automated feature results in 4x higher open rates and 5x higher click throughs...compared to other promotional emails. (Source)

So, you don't have to try a thousand times to get the sale.

A little copywriting persuasiveness, charm, and a call-to-action, that works for your brand will get you a higher return on hearing back.

Hello from the inside! Your call-to-action must be right:

(test the following)

  • a lead magnet
  • free strategy call
  • reader' survey
  • private Facebook group
  • low priced promo
  • social media link
  • recent post
  • live event

74.4% of new subscribers expect a welcome email when they subscribe to your newsletter. When someone says hello, the polite thing to do is answer.


Comment below: what is in your welcome email?