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Should You Give Away Your Best Stuff For Free?


Do you remember your first date?

(Don't worry I'll get to answering my first question, shortly)

The one who remembered your name and brought you purple-colored roses (when they don't sell purple colored roses --anywhere).

And before they picked you up...

You adorned yourself with the best pieces of jewelry, dabbed on the sweetest vanity perfume (the one that lingers), slipped into the extra sexy --little black dress and those high red pumps that pinch your baby toe but make you look HOT!

Why did you do so much for one occasion??


You wanted to look & feel your best. And secretly, we want others to notice how stylish and well put together we are.

You should take the same approach with your free content.

Always dress for the grand ball and wear your fanciest set of jewels because you never know, when you'll make your 1st impression with a dream client.

You hear it all the time.

Give value.

More value.

And when you're not sure, dump on the value.

Then you're left thinking...

" But if I give away all my good stuff for free, how can it help me make a living?"

You're doing something much greater, than making a bit of change from the freebies you give away.

Stay with me...

You're establishing your authority.

Here are some of the things I've given away FOR FREE, that I could have easily charged between $49 - $297

But I didn't.

I want you to see how in-depth my free stuff are, hopefully, create a connection and maybe, just maybe, we'll vibe and you return for more.

I'm not interested in fly by night clients, the ones that buy once and you hope they weren't kidnapped. I'm interested in building and growing with those I connect with because those relationships are rare, and are the ones, that give back more in return.

I'm sure you're still not convinced...

"How. Do. I. Make. Money. Off. Free. Content?"

You can give up 100% of what you know.

Write out step by step of your process. Spell out the details. Layout the blueprint of how you built your business AND MOST, still can't replicate results.

Do you want to know why?

People need help with implementing their big ideas.

How to apply the systems, tools or case studies you just gave away for free.

Because everyone is not the same.

And there is no-one-size-fits-all solution. No matter how many formulas, or instructions in a detailed blog post and cheatsheets you create.

They still need YOU to help them take ACTION.

To walk them through the process.

To hold their hand and accountable to their goals.

People. Pay. Pretty. Pennies. For It.

You didn’t give them YOUR IDEAS, as it relates to their SPECIFIC SITUATION and to their BUSINESS. And FYI, that's how you are remembered for your purple-colored rose approach.

So, here's how you make free content, so good, it should've had a price tag:

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