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Content Calendars Don't Make You Consistent, They Make You Look Predictable

Content Calendar


Word on the internet, Content Calendars are necessary to be consistent online. As well as:

  • Content Calendars help you stay focus...
  • Content Calendars help drive your business' objectives...
  • Content Calendars save you from writer's block


What Content Calendars don't do is excite you. 

And if it doesn't excite you, it most likely won't excite your audience. Show of hands. Who wants to create one? Or can stick with it? 





Now what?? How do you NOT look like a fly-by-night business with shady marketing? 

So many questions!

You ditch the Content Calendar 

Listen, I know it sounds crazy radical to throw out a tool that helps so many online publications pump out daily editorials --flawlessly. 

Here's the even crazier're a small business, they're a conglomerate. It pays dividends to stay nimble & relevant today. 

  • When a topic hits the news are you going to join the conversation or interrupt it with your random scheduled content?
  • When a client raves about your service are you going to share the praise while simultaneously highlighting their awesomeness or continue on your regular scheduled program?
  • When your timeline is buzzing about Cinco de Mayo are you going to tweet about tacos or lasagne for lunch? The answer is hard or soft.


You see, your scheduled content from the calendar interrupts LIFE. It makes you look robotic and then you come off as the calculated conversation hijacker. 


Here's What You Do Instead.

Create a Content System, there was no clever name but to call it what it is. Don't make calendars, create systems. 


When THIS happens, you write about THIS.
and after you write about THIS, you publish it HERE.
And after you publish it HERE, you share it THERE.
And so on and so forth.


It seems reactive but what you're doing is making it easier for you to share relevant content as it unfolds. Triggering you to write authentic & timely pieces. THIS is what you can get excited about. THIS is in the NOW --rather than in the distant foreign future.


It's also not connected or tied to anything including your one-sided business objectives.


Which by-the-way is not client-focused. Your business will suffocate if it's all about you and what you want to succeed. Don't be the needy one in the relationship.

The goal is to engage your audience not hijack conversations with your well-calculated Content Calendar. Let this be your primary business objective.


You can't plan life but you can prepare for it. 💡