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How to Keep Your Content Marketing Machine Running on a Full Tank of Gas + The P-T-R Method

*This is a blog + video post — to watch the video scroll to the bottom of the page.

*This is a blog + video post — to watch the video scroll to the bottom of the page.

If you're reading this, then you know how critical creating content is for your business and also, hashtag fact, this sucka can burn you out.

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Let's sidestep depression, imposter syndrome and misery all in one swoop with this thing I call the P-T-R method. It's going to make you rethink the way you create content going forward. ANNND...if…can you…really keep your content marketing machine running on a full tank of gas? #QTNA

P - Produce

Screenshot from video.

Screenshot from video.

Here's how you create content with intention and timelines.

We want to avoid being on the hamster wheel of generating content for our audience. Re-think about how you create content —aside from purposeful planning and savvy scheduling. Start producing seasons and episodes of your content to premiere on this <date> and the season finale on this <date>.

TV Series have 8 - 13 episodes (on average). And they already do this method because they know they can't pay people year 'round to write for shows and actors to cast. In doing so, they can then create a variety of TV shows when they limit it and "lure 4 distinct audiences instead of two audiences".

There are fall seasons, spring, winter and summer shows that only come out in those months. That's why you're able to see 13 seasons of a show because they take intentional breaks.

You should too.

Furthermore, consider the period of time that you will need to distribute and market the content you produce. Blog in the summer. Shoot & publish videos in the winter. Host events, speaking engagements in the spring.

As we talk more about the P-T-R method, I'll share what to do in the alternative seasons when you're not publishing a specific piece of content.

T - Tell

Screen Shot 2019-01-16 at 11.00.39 AM.png

You're probably already doing this. It's so simple and can be done as you wait in the grocery line.

Tell Real Stories.

What do you do in your day-to-day business that you can share with your audience? Nothing that breaks an NDA but maybe you had an interesting conversation with a client regarding money or a personal dilemma around doing your business taxes or an emotional teachable moment you've overcome that can help someone else.

Daily life in business is content and you will never run out of those stories as long as you're breathing —for your email lists, social media posting and/or website. You just got to capture those moments on paper.

R - Recycle

Screen Shot 2019-01-16 at 11.02.11 AM.png

We're not doing all of the above to just sit on it and let it be forgotten in the past, present or future. We're going to dig in the crates, pull from the archives and spin it to relevant content for today.

This is appropriate for every season.

Snippets from speaking events, podcasts clips, webinars, workshops and blog posts are all suitable material to reshare to your existing and new audience.

Recycle those babies!

The P - T - R method will keep you sane when you want to accidentally spill coffee all over your keyboard.

Produce your content for a reason.

Create for a season.

And it can be recycled for a lifetime.

Please believe, I will be recycling this content and in the summer —video recording and publishing will cease. Okur.

Need more help? HIRE ME to implement the “P-T-R” method for your content.