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Addressing The Content Creation Process With These 5 Under-Rated Idea Generating Sources

Video at the bottom of this post….

Video at the bottom of this post….


Let me address this once AND FOR GOOD.

Content Marketing becomes tricky when all you want to do is focus on what YOU do well —AND NOT drum up weekly articles or daily posts to share on the internets.


However, what if I told you —you could do both? Do what you do well AND come up with epic content simultaneously. You're in luck! And not the luck where you find a shiny nickel in the parking lot but the kind of unexpected joy you feel stumbling across a crisp $100 bill from your pocket. The type of serendipity I can get behind.

These are 5 under-rated idea generating sources, you can use over and over without becoming repetitive or predictable.

Oh, the places you will go!

1. User-Generated Content aka The Humble Brag

Re-tweeted on timeline and screenshot to share in this article.

Re-tweeted on timeline and screenshot to share in this article.

Retweet, reshare and repost content (from other people) that speaks to your work on your social feeds. Answer that question and screenshot those comments, praises or testimonials. The only task in this job description is to share the awesome things people have said about you/your product/your service.

Besides, this type of broadcast sharing manufactures a demand for your product as it appears that “everybody” has already sipped the Epic-You Kool Aid.

2. Monthly Case Studies

Have you ever wanted to know "How I Built My Monkey Business From Zero" or "How I Grew My YouTube Cannabis Channel in 24hrs."? (Working on the last I?).

Well, so do a lot of other people.

Your audience is probably dying to know how you did something in your business. And all you have to do is find a consumable way to share it. Either via a podcast, an article, a video or a Twitter thread.

The NPR podcast "How I Built This with Guy Raz" does this extremely well. They invite known or unknown successful folks to share their business journey. They have cool intro music and everything. Not saying you have to go this extra mile but it helps.

Breakdown the process for those who want to learn or are curious too. And what were the results? Success or flop. The purpose is to be transparent and connect to your readers on a personal level.

3. Behind the Scene Shots

It's not only a peek behind the curtains but it also humanizes your brand. Show us, you're not a hairy four-legged fuzzball. I literally just described a Pomeranian puppy.

Here are a few ways to do it:

  • Share the perspective of your client and/or employees (new hires, office pets)

  • Post company retreats & events (Workshops, Holiday parties, Lunch meetings, Happy hours)

  • Reveal an unfinished product

  • Hint at upcoming or exclusive updates (New location, projects, renovations or expansions)

  • Showcase your work in real time and as it's happening

Let folks get a taste of what it’s like to work with you. Even if there are imperfections. We can't go through life as an Instagram filter.

4. Customer Success Stories

Owwee! My favourite idea generating source because you can never run out of this content. As long as you work with clients you will have stories. Am I right? (Like that one time, a client of mine thought I was nutso for including the colossal cost of unemployment from a government report on event invites…until that James Bond move got them featured in the Toronto Star.) I have been keeping a well-documented log of my client's successes here.

5. Lessons the Company, CEO or Employees Have Learned

Get real with your audience. Share your experiences and how you overcame obstacles in your business. What did you learn? I like to call them: Wisdom Nuggets. Who doesn't love a gritty under-dog or a tear-jerker come up story? Who?!

Produce real content for real people.

Need help brainstorming a few more content ideas? Or just need this off your plate asap? I am your friendly neighbourhood Copywriter for hire.