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The Ingredients to Success Starts With a Slice of Pie

strawberry pie (1).jpg

Eat the slice you're given or bake a bigger pie?


There's something that happens when you decide to go after your dreams. You start questioning if you have the capacity to be successful.


You stumble through the stages:

Oh shit!
Imposter syndrome
*Return to the top*


Do you have the ambition to stick it out (through the rough times)? And when those rough times inevitably arrive will you fight or take flight? 


I never got into business to be the best. Is that silly? To start something just to be good enough? To start something just to be in control of your life? To start something just to be the example of what's possible when you go the extra mile?


Before building a business, I was just eating my slice of the pie but what happens when you gobble it all up?


What happens when you stretch for more and that slice is also finished too soon. 


Now, you're annoyed. 

It's either --keep going for another slice and another one or you bake your own damn pie.