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How to Reclaim Your Time & Money Invested on Your Website

reclaiming web time

Let's cut to the chase.


Like Queen Maxine Waters, "Reclaiming my time." Should become your new mantra. Just like, investing time and money into a website only for it to sit and take up internet space --should give you better ROI. If you're not getting the traction you're looking for yet, you'll be interested to know there is something we can do.


Also, if your website doesn't convert visits into subscribers you're probably not doing a lot of things but showing up in Google results is your first basic step.


A website without these 3 things is like having a brick & mortar located in a dark alley. No traffic...or just creepy randoms soliciting your service.


It comes down to these 3 things: SEO, link-building, and content marketing.


I'm sure, you heard of at least one of the three mentioned but these 3 done in combination are powerful. How long each one of these methods take before results show up on Google just the way you like --varies. 


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Let's get straight to the answers.



Search Engine Optimization helps your website through the use of strong keywords. It helps your brand to show up higher in Google results AND dominate the first page. 


Ensure these things are keyword rich:

  • Site Titles
  • Headline
  • Site description
  • Meta data (blog tags, titles, descriptions, urls)
  • Alt text (i.e. image descriptions)
  • Media content (like video)


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Length of Time: minimum 6 months


Link Building: 

Being featured on other websites allows your business to rank higher as well. This third-party endorsement adds to your authority. (i.e. guest posting, HARO)


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Length of Time: usually immediately. Sourcing a publication and writing an article takes up the majority of the time.


Content Marketing: 

Valuable content produced on a consistent basis on your website aids in relevancy. (i.e. a blog, newsletter) 


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Length of Time: Publishing through Google speeds up the time factor but consistent content over a course of years is what adds the most credibility and authority. 

It compounds.


Let's wrap it up.


Google is about authority and that happens through keyword-rich & valuable content on a credible website. Easier said, I know.  I can help you reclaim your time back.


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