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You Can't Be a Thought Leader Without Any Thoughts

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We've become extremely polite these days.


Anything can be taken out of context and misinterpreted.

Then here, enters shitstorm. 


This could also be the reason, we've all become soo polite. Measuring our words and not saying the things that need to be said. Not sharing our full opinion in fear we may alienate ourselves or worse offend a person. 

However, if you can't stand in your truth --what words can be spoken afterward? Would they matter? Would those words carry any weight?

You may as well be mute. 
You may as well be 80's wallpaper, chipped and outdated. 
You may as well check out of life.


People forget people, who don't voice their opinion. Good or bad, it can be a healthy debate.


Most of the time, all we have is our voice to reveal a little bit of who we are. And if our voice can open up the next person to the possibilities within themselves. 

We would have served a greater purpose.


But if you don't have any thoughts on the matter, how do you make contact? How do you know who shares the same values as you? How do you know who is truly rooting for you?

I never did like overly polite people.

Just never could connect.