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If You Were Thinking of Transitioning From Your Position...Pivot

Death to Stock

Death to Stock

Raise your hand, if you've made a move out of a position because it was time, it wasn't working or you felt stuck?


Throughout my biz journey, I've made a few extreme pivots. 


There wasn't a ladder to climb up. More jungle gym, less straight shoot. Over and across, up then down. Zigzagging all over the place. But in my mind, there was no other choice. Even if I was met with a ladder, I would probably walk past it because we all know --success is never that easy. Honestly, I would think it was a trap.


Any ladder available for you to climb at your disposable is suspect.


You're missing all the necessary steps to engineer grit, resilience and faith. Now, by no means, am I telling you to choose struggle over an easier path. What I am saying is CHOOSE TO SHOW UP.


Many of us live in default mode. 


Go with the tide and enjoy the ride type of vibe. 

By living in default mode, we're also choosing to have things be decided for us --rather than being an active participant in your own life. For many years, I sat at a desk and worked in default mode. I came in and did the job outlined for me, went home then repeat the following day.


It felt normal. Safe.


It felt like this was what I'm supposed to be doing but little did I was not. In fact, far from it.


The moment I woke up from my own "Inception" trailer. It was the same moment I delivered another human being into this world. No longer was it only about me and my future. I was responsible for someone else's too. When I recapped the showreel of my life --it wasn't what I wanted for this little person. But, I didn't quit my job. 


I pivoted.


Quitting a job isn't always the next step answer. Although it feels hella good. It's a temporary feeling and then you wind up with another void to fill. 


I pivoted my perspective.


Before I became woke, I was coasting. Content but not happy.


I pivoted my daily activities.


Instead of waking up every morning and struggling to crawl out of bed to start the day. I set my intention on how I wanted to feel.

Now, this ain't no woo-woo stuff...

And I'm not about to get all Iyanla Vanzant on you (the black & female Tony Robins for those who don't know). When I said to myself, "I will have gut wrench laughs and deep conversations today." I went out unconsciously seeking it. And every day I got at least one out of the two. 

The days I got two out of two was where I found my joy. 

Like attracts like.


I pivoted my attitude.


People I never spoke with before in the 5 years I worked at my job became lifelong friends, inspiration and even my clients today. That opened up more conversations which led to new opportunities.


The same goes for your business.


If it feels like it's time, it isn't working or you feel stuck...don't quit --pivot.