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Tell The Truth...You're Not a Template, Are You?

I am not a template.png


It can get noisy being in my head.

  • What email provider should I use?
  • And how do I grow an email list and following?
  • How do I want to accept payments?
  • Will I charge upfront or after work is completed?
  • Should I collaborate or keep all the glory?
  • Do I niche down or appeal to the masses?


How about you?

There are so many directions laid out in front of us -- when you run a business. You don't always know what your next move is even if you cautiously calculate every step.

...but what is your intuition saying?


When I used to follow the "successful gurus" online, I had a lot of questions. I was so afraid to miss a step. So I followed the templates made readily available when you enter your email. Realizing afterward, I am not a template but I also didn't know what I was doing. Failing wasn't an option, so I worked extra hard on every first try.

Only to stay standing in position.


What it did was foster fear. And as a result, I did stuff that wasn't aligned with who I am. All because I didn't listen to the aching. The aching of doing the things that would charge me up, rather than drain my energy.


I am not a template.


Not easily motivated by the standard of success. Instead, I wanted something that would add to my fuel than out my fire.


I am not a template.


Not built to fit into a mold. Instead, I wanted something that would demand the best of me and require me to show up.

Those things usually require a lot more effort upfront and signal you to step outside of what's comfortable. Not heeding to the aching led me to be inauthentic, lose my voice, and fade into the mundane existence of everyone else. 


Unfortunately, I am not a template. I can't slide into a vision that is not my own and expect it to flourish without getting my hands dirty.


Sometimes, I forget why I started my business She is Epic. Sometimes, I forget my mission. Then without looking, my message is lost in translation just like the women I help. Which makes me real & it makes me human. And this fault gives me my edge, anytime I feel fake or ever fumbling along --I tell the truth.


...because fortunately, I am not a template.


My mission is to tell the truth along this "running a business" journey. To help women like myself who have a fire -- they can't explain -- but know they must act. To remove the curtain and reveal the gears to this whole operation. To make it easier for you to win. To know you too don't do templates. 


I root for the underdog because I am one. 


Tell the truth. This is your edge.