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"Follow Your Passion" and Other Things That Sound Good in Theory


Can we stop saying "Follow your passion" as an answer to "What should I do with my life?".


It sounds surreal, esoteric, and also impractical.


What you should do with your life and how you make money are not always synonymous. So it's impractical to say "Don't worry about money. It will work itself out once you're passionate about something." Gee, thanks.

Forget the work, sacrifice, and under-eye-bags that come along for the ride of trying to figure out what you're even passionate about. Then once you check that off --how do you do the darn thing without looking like a freak --flailing around?


Just like the endearing term hustling, whether hard or not, isn't synonymous with generating results. Even when you hustle hard, you could still end up stuck where you started. And being told "Be yourself" is as practical advice as "Stop buying Starbucks and you'll be rich." Saving money doesn't make you rich, it makes you conservative with your money. Learning to spend your money on the right things becomes an investment. Despite the rise of social "stories" (Insta or Snap), I've yet to see an increase in my bank account from being myself. Rather, learning to be consistent has become my greatest asset.

Just like hustling hard doesn't make you successful, it makes you exhausted. Instead, learn to focus your efforts to produce progress.


Which leads me back to the question we launched with, Can we stop saying "Follow your passion" as an answer to "What should I do with my life?".


If anything, what you should do with your life is make an investment.