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When Your Bank Balance & Belly are Screaming, "Feed Me"


If you've ever had to make a decision between paying your rent and eating --you've freelanced for a living.

Nobody starts making money right away in their business. 


And I am willing to bet if you're doing this thing right, you will invest at least 50% of what you make --back into your business to earn more. 

Am I right?

  • You will outsource the small mundane tasks in your day to work smarter
  • You will buy Facebook ads or boost your social posts at some point
  • You will dip into your transportation funds to attend free networking events
  • Or dig deeper into your reserves to attend a conference
  • You will pay yearly to maintain a website that hasn't been doing much promoting on your behalf lately
  • You will pay membership fees, save "just in case I'm over taxed money", and make payments (to the tools that keep your business running)
  • If you're really fancy you'll hire someone to coach you through it


But what you didn't anticipate were all the things that also drain your TIME.

So you...

  • Prioritize email last on your list. Otherwise, the day ends without checking anything off the list
  • Enable do not disturb on your phone. So family & friends who think "You're not really working" will leave you alone
  • Avoid dinner dates and coffee chit-chats to accomplish more but end up anti-social


And still, yet, your balance & belly keep screaming: "Feed me".


What if, and this is a hypothetical what if.

What if, what you did in your business aligned with the service you do for others?

What if you spend those days not only building a body of work but helping others build their legacy too?

What if, they were one in the same?

Then...would your balance & belly instead scream, "I'm stuffed", "Full", "Overflow"?


It's only in that epiphany, we figure out how to leave our footprint on this earth.

Freelance Achievement Stickers by  Jeremy Nguyen

Freelance Achievement Stickers by Jeremy Nguyen