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Motivation, That's Over —it's Canceled (Here's What You Need to Push Progress)

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Take a chance. Bet on yourself.

The commitment to do well is a lifetime of choices that you make daily. The space to live in is not "I'll try." Not "I want to". It's "I have decided." - Auntie O.

What motivates you?

If you've never asked yourself this question, ask it now. I'll wait....

It's a question, that if we're not careful, we could stumble down an endless emotional motivation pit we constantly need to fill. So we can constantly feel like we're making progress.

Spoiler Alert: you will never feel motivated to do the hard things in life. That’s why only 3 out of 100 people will have washboard abs. So we require just enough motivation to at least like what we see in our reflection. We motivate ourselves to roll out of bed, do household chores, eat our greens, learn a new skill, go to our job, create multiple income streams, click no when Netflix asks if we're still watching. Yet, motivation is not enough to keep us on the path of progress.

What if, motivation was not what we needed?

Instead, what if —it's the effect, not the cause toward improvement? Would it change your mind on how you skim YouTube for your next fix?

Would you stop waiting for motivation to strike like a lightning bolt?

Would you make the decision to take this small action instead? Invent momentum.

You don't find a soulmate by sitting at home. You don't get noticed by grasping to hope. And nobody wants to mentor someone without potential. People and things are usually drawn to people who go for it.

Take a chance and bet on yourself.

Do one thing, then that one thing turns into another thing and that thing turns into SOMETHING. Then before you know it, you're motivated to keep the momentum going.

Action begets action.

You gotta do more than want it, you need to make things happen. A small thing, anything —just enough "I have decided" energy to at least like what you see in your reflection.

Invent momentum.