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These Two Things Have Been My Bonafide Sources of Online Income



There are a few things that need to stay in 2017 and not carry over into next year.


ONE: Public washroom selfies. 

Doesn't it ever cross one's mind their mini photoshoot is happening in a bacteria infested land mine????

TWO: Mumble rap. 

I don't understand it.

I want to do more than bop my head to the beat then regret every body roll and bounce when I finally interpret a word.

AND THREEEEE: Treating social media as a PR campaign gone terribly wrong. 

When I decided to be the boss instead of having one, I did two things. And those two things solidified me as a person who knows stuff and can charge others of this knowing.

  • It made it possible to get my first 3 customers in under an hour

  • It made it possible to work with clients on different continents not just in North America

  • It made it possible to be interviewed on the radio and invited to speak at events (locally and globally)

This wouldn't have been possible without these two things.

When anyone curiously asks how I get clients, I either say, referrals or online.

Online selling cannot be possible without growing your presence and exposing your value on the internet. If you know stuff and feel you can charge others for this intel. You should be doing these two things too because being able to make money any time you want is a powerful thing. If you lose a job, a project, or want to drop a bad apple client --YOU WILL SURVIVE.

You begin to walk the talk.

You are confident in your approach.

You possess this certainty when you know your worth and then add tax to it.

1) Supercharge your presence in a month, even if you have less than 100 followers & hate being on Facebook.

2) Fast track your leads in a week, even if your LinkedIn profile has been dormant for months.

It's as simple as it reads.

These two things have been my bonafide sources of online income.

Now, that I have tinkered and approved these methods I want to share what has been working for me and my clients. Revamp the way you promote your business online and your presence will expand in the new year via the number of opportunities and fresh leads.

In 2018, we need to do better and by better I mean --less mumbling to the beat and more finding your rhythm. 

The choice is always yours and I'm here to help.


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