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Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Be Inspired (to write for your biz)


The fire in belly moment you’re waiting on is fleeting.

How many times have you sat down to write your next big blog post to be met by a blinking cursor winking at you? *Heyyy*

Only to happily be whisked away to do something else.


“Oh! I know, I can do my accounting.”


That’s how painful having to write is when you don’t feel inspired.

It’s a shame because it’s usually how we get our best hero stuff!

The kind of writing that moves people and gets YOU excited. I love writing in those passion filled moments, but...It’s not sustainable and isn’t the best content planning strategy.


To wait for an inspirational light bulb moment to take action, will leave your business bankrupt.

  • A failed attempt of forming a connection with your readers.
  • Tapped out of avenues to show up as the expert.
  • And a lost opportunity of attracting new clients.


Which means low to no revenue. You see how this is kind of a big deal??


I hear the whines and protest of “It works for me.” and “I can’t think of anything when i'm not inspired.” groans. Save it.


Your creative writing ideas come from the following:

--> Doing what you love, should be your inspiration.

--> Getting to work on things that light you up should create magnetized moments of creative energy.

--> Making money to live out your dream, should get you fired up because you can’t BELIEVE people pay you to tell them what to do.


Yet, this still isn’t enough because it’s extremely hard to turn off business mode and enter a creative space.


To write from the gut takes emotion & demands you to put your heart on the page.


No wimpy effort will suffice.

And that’s where most people back out and say they’ll return when they’re inspired. It’s a lie because you won’t. You will go off and do something unrelated to writing that post, blog or newsletter that is the pinnacle to your business.

You’ll push it off and never get to it. Or worst, you write the bloody thing...and never hit publish.

You must find inspiration.

creative writing ideas

If you want to connect with your audience by sharing your experiences, and offering your expertise, while they get to know your biz AND most importantly get to know who you are...

Then you must sit and write.

There is no magic to consistently creating content, but there is a power to stirring the depths of human emotion. To feel everything, you pen and relive the story you want to tell.

That’s what sets you apart from those who wait and those who seek inspiration. Trust me, it gets easier.


Make it a ritual to evoke an emotion. Take yourself back to the feeling you had when you made your first sale. Or the time you changed a client’s business around. Or when you finally learned how to automate your payment system.

People are more interested in the feeling of it, that’s how you inspire.

Take yourself back to the place of the topic at hand and write. Visualize the scene, people, placement of things and what was happening at the time and write. Feel the exact pain, happiness or sensation and write.


You have to feel it -- in order to write.


And you can call forth the exact feeling at any given time.

Watch a scene from a movie, read a quote, dance to the song tied to the scenario and help pull the raw emotion out. Here are a few more creative writing ideas to get your mojo back.

Be an actress and get into character.

You have a message to share... 

Don’t wait.


P.S. You gotta stop writing things you don't even publish. If you struggle to create the things your audience cares about, grab your pen and be prepared to write. Get the content creative guide to conquering the blinking cursor and cashing in.