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Do You Constantly Tumble Down The Social Media Rabbit Hole? (It’s killing your creativity)


5 Ways to Get Your Mojo Back and Creating Again.


Let me hear it...the deep sigh of relief for someone who gets you. I’m totally guilty of this too, so no judgment here. But I’m going to hold you accountable to your own vision and why you started your biz. To take over the world.

To do what you’re passionate about, share your gift(s), change lives and create some financial freedom while doing it. Right?!

That social media rabbit hole can grab a hold of you and mess with your creativity. You start watching cute kitty video’s, commenting on random status updates and catching comparisonitis.


Yes, the biggest social media rabbit hole is comparisonitis. The complete definition is measuring your behind-the-scenes to someone else's highlight reel.Stop it.


The thing is other entrepreneurs struggle with the same bad habit. Comparing yourself to others while building a business, makes you resent how "far behind" you are and then you beat yourself up about it.

@soasidehustler@TennileCooper YES! Best part is admitting that. So full of healing. FB makes me feel bad! #sidehustlechat

— Jam Gamble (@MsJamPccs) September 9, 2015


I’m here for you and because we go together (Peas in the same pod). I got 5 ways you can get your mojo back and creating epic-ish again.


1. Check in With Yourself

When we are easily sucked into the social media vortex, we’re usually trying to escape something. Say hello to procrastination my friends! Well, are you?

I don’t want to call you out or anything but find out why you keep being pulled back in. Passing valuable time rather than working on your grind. You may need to do some mindset work or invest in your business's growth to get fired up again.

When we are excited by what’s happening in our business, we leave no room for anything else. So check in, what’s going on?


2. Shut It Off!

Very hard for many of us to do. FOMO. The Fear Of Missing Out is real!

We don’t want to be the last to know, or miss the opportunity to draw in more clients, or allow our business to be forgotten. All normal fears but guess media will still be there, we can’t possibly keep up with everything.

We attract clients, not chase them and these days being in business is more about a human connection than just getting the job done.


Few Ways To Get Started:

  • Unsubscribe to the one hundred and one mailing lists you're on.
  • Silence the social media notifications in your phone settings.
  • Remove yourself from the Facebook groups you haven't been in the last month.

Take a break to re-align with your own energy and block out the distractions. Even if it is only for a little bit.

I challenge you, 5 days with no Facebook…*Before you disappear off the planet. Automate the post on your business Facebook Fan page, then log off and delete the app from your phone. (Don’t worry you can always reinstall it later)

Steal This: a graphic to replace your FB profile picture. 


3. Do Something Creative

Aside from your business, what else are you good at? Painting? Drawing? Dancing? Making beats? Video Editing? Writing Poetry? Sewing? Knitting? Skiing? Swimming?

Think about what you can spend hours doing and GO DO IT. That creativity can spill over into your business and create fresh new ideas to launch from.

Creativity begets creativity. This is law.


4. Get Your Inspiration Juices Pumping

This one’s my favorite! I write my best stuff when I’m fired up about an unpopular opinion, a clever web series or watching/reading one of my favorite motivational speakers. (Eric Thomas, Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins, Oprah…)

There’s an outpour of what I want to say after I’ve over indulged in someone else’s genius. The heated debates with friends, the underdog stories and seeing what is possible when you go after your dreams.

All get me re-centred and butt in gear. Find out what gets you on an emotional high and pour that passion into your work. #GetFocus


5. Get To Work

Nothing to it but to do it! When our creativity lacks, sometimes the best way is to put your bum in the chair and get to work. If you were working at your full-time job, could you blame your lack of creativity on why your work is not completed or subpar? I’ll wait… No, you couldn't because you have a job to do. Treat this, the same but with more at stake.

Your dream.

For me, the only way I can get better at what I do and keep the creative ideas pouring in is to -- do what I do on a daily basis. Write and write and write some more. Whether or not I have something prolific to say.

The good stuff is always hidden under the garbage, but you got to produce to uncover the gems.


Do you have any unique ways you drive creativity?

I want to know in the comments below.