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How an Offline Business Took to The Internet to Sell Healthcare

Gifted Hands Heath Service


Let's say, you finally decide to bring your business to the internet.

Round of applause, we're glad we all can Google your business now. What's next? You just made this massive decision to join the rest of the world online, set-up a website and maybe a Facebook page (maybe, let's not get too crazy steps).

  • "Well, what am I going to say on this website?" (I got some ideas)
  • "Who will seek out my business on the internet?" (...ah, EVERYBODY)
  • "And how do I even get the words to resonate and sell my business while I sleep?" (Answer: your message)


These were all the same questions Gifted Hands had.

They had their business down pat offline with sales, contracts and clients rolling in --it all suggested this was the right time to strike out onto the web. When things are hot and people are eager to know who you are --YOU SHOW UP. AND YOU SHOW UP BIG.

...But who is Gifted Hands? 


The Client

Gifted Hands HS takes a heart-centred approach to the way they do healthcare.

The Challenges

  • Terrible at stringing sentences together but terrific at showing clients that they matter 
  • Feeling & looking unprofessional with no web copy, while negotiating contracts in boardrooms
  • Didn't want to be linked to similar services with a bad reputation 
  • Zero Google juice nor online presence in a dot-com world

The Plot

The Gifted Hands team flourishes offline and wanted to translate their winning spirit into the online arena. They came to me with no website and no words that represented who they are and what they stood for --Premium Care with a Personal Touch.


Immediately after speaking with the team, two things were apparent: 

1) They know their stuff

2) They're in healthcare to change the way people perceive caregivers 


At an emotional time when a family seeks care for a loved one, Gifted Hands wants to be there every step of their journey --not only for the painful ones. Being in a position to support and care for people who are devoted to their loved one is a service that Gifted Hands is honoured to do.


EXCEPT, without an online stamp of existence...

Who will take them seriously?




The Hero

Highlighting the heart they wear on their sleeve was our main priority. Setting them up to stand out amongst their competition (who have ho-hum web copy) --was the fun part.


A few of The Ways We Accomplished This Was By: 

(1) Writing directly to the clients Gifted Hands love to work with -- devoted family members who want their loved one(s) in the hands of the best care.



(2) Making it extremely clear of the goals Gifted Hands set to achieve with every client 




(3) Emphasizing the values, experience and credentials of the staff members on the team to reassure clients feel safe 

Maintaining a warm copy tone throughout, custom menu name tweaks (for Google Juice), and strong call-to-action buttons all added to the overall client experience.


When their target audience land on the website, they'll know instantly, this is not your usual nursing care service --You're in Gifted Hands.

“Tennile came highly recommended by a client of mine that uses her services. I wasn’t sure what to expect and if her writing style would match my brand or could capture the vision I had for Gifted Hands. Nonetheless, I was blown away by the results. Tennile took my vision (no matter how wild it was) through a creative process that distilled it into something tangible and relatable, it was like she was in my brain. She was patient, even with my hectic schedule and spent the time needed to complete each task to my satisfaction. The professionalism and excellence she put forth, as a writer, ensured my brand stood out from the competition.”
— Karita Francis, Director of Gifted Hands Health Services -

The End

Interested in putting your brilliance online? I can help.