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The Year of Bigger, Better...Bolder



You must've heard about Shonda Rhime's new book by now ---"The Year Of Yes", yes?

Well, right before I left my full-time job, almost a year ago (Dec 31st would make it exact!).

I made a promise to myself... 

In my last year at a job, I'd get my shit together and it would be my year of bigger, better...bolder (trumped Shonda).



I promised myself...this time, I was going to do things BIGGER.

Nope, I wasn't going to get all scared and remain in my comfort zone but actually --follow through. That year, I registered my business and publicly shared I was open for business on Facebook (Eek!). A couple months later, I was in New York speaking at a woman's conference.


I promised myself, I was going to be BETTER.

Yes, that meant getting uncomfortable (even if it was painful, embarrassing or made me vulnerable). For the first time, in front of a live human audience, I read & performed my poetry. Not at a dingy, dimly-lit nightclub where large cloud's of smoke fill the air either, but at a local botique art gallery...with my boss directly seated in front of me. It was liberating & terrifying, but I did it! I gained the courage to conquer my fear. Not once but 3 times at different locations. I even got my 1st fan that night!


I promised myself, I was going to be...BOLDER.

The things I had once shied away from --I was going to DO. The things I had previously blushed about --I was going to show up for. The things I was envious of others doing...that I didn't have the guts to do myself --I was going to step up.

So I stepped out on faith and pitched to publications that industry leaders I respected were featured on. And landed every single one.

In that moment, everything I had promised myself --I had become. Finally giving myself permission to be EPIC.


I owned that I could and made it happen!


success planner karlyn percil

This year, I've had the pleasure & honour to work with many of my peers and clients that are doing EPIC things. And I get (ALL CAPS) EXCITED to see when my client's projects come to living-breathing-life.

Karlyn Percil, Chief Elephant Storyteller, SisterTalk Founder and 4-time feature on Oprah's Life Class TV Series (yes, I wrote Oprah).

Just launched her Success Planner. Oh yea "Clap, clap."

A daily planner of inspiration, dedication and creative power to reaching your 2016 goals (and keeping the "promises", you made to yourself).

One, not filled with blank pages left for you to figure it out on your own. But guided by some of the top success principles of Arianna Huffington, Danielle LaPorte, Brené Brown, Robin Sharma, Tony Robbins and Oprah... just to name a few HEAVY HITTERS helping you do it BETTER.

The planner was a labour of love and has a BOLD style like Karlyn.

success planner karlyn percil

It was an honour to be a part of the birth of the Success Planner. And I want you to have access to it before this thing, goes VIRAL.


success planner karlyn percil

This year I (most definitely) played bigger, better and bolder...If you want to make it happen and get your shit together, you will need to successfully plan for it.

No more sorry excuses. No more "I'll do it, next year". No more deferred dreams.


What will the year 2016 be for you?

success planner karlyn percil

The only way you can become epic tomorrow is to first become epic today.


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