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Want to Be Featured in a National Newspaper? Clean-up Your Communications

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This non-profit was catapulted into a national newspaper after they cleaned up their communications.

We want to say marketing doesn't work. Or messaging doesn't matter, however, combined — these two beasts can create quite a stir to garner media coverage. And that’s exactly the results this non-profit gained from hiring me as their Communication Specialist for 6 months.

Upon arrival, their online visibility was dismal. Their social media needed a boost and their presence was comparable to dry ramen noodles. It didn't matter that they released local reports rich in data that could help create economical shifts in the workforce landscape.

  • Reports that you should read

  • Reports that could improve the structure of poor community programming

  • Reports that can be used as substantial evidence to transform local government policy

Nevertheless, it wasn't the reports that mattered —it was the message tied to the data inside —that would disrupt the pattern of people scrolling past their posts and pay attention.

We couldn't just throw up a 54-page report and by some witchcraft, the public would scramble far and wide to read the news from the bell tower. We needed to make it matter to the lives of our audience, subscribers and stakeholders.

The Organization

Peel Halton Workforce Development Group is currently under a pilot project named Peel-Halton Local Employment Planning Council, which focuses on local workforce development reports to help direct community programming.

The Challenges

  • Main Concern: Lack of social presence and inconsistent branding (their partners overlooked them for event opportunities because they didn't know how they could help)

  • Secondary Concern: Starving for wide-spread media coverage to make good use of the reports they released

  • No defined messaging —so their audience didn't view them as an expert

  • No systems in place or integration of departments working as a whole; poor planning equals poorer execution.

The Plot

The first day, I launched into strategy mode.

As experience has taught me, these things take extra care, time and a bit of hand-holding in the first few months. What I put this organization through seemed radical to them but for a copywriter and digital marketing strategist —it's another day of saving an online presence from being overlooked.

Nobody should skim, glance or gloss over your message.


Knowing what I know, there were a few things that needed to happen in order for us to pull this off in “reality show” record time.

One: they had to be open to change the way they were used to doing things. Two: they had to be willing to move slower to excel faster.

They were accustomed to winging it, reacting instead of planning, and being the passenger in someone else's car to gain the visibility they sought (being able to change the station on the radio is a power you always want to possess).

This all needed to be modified if they wanted to fly.

Saddle up!

Saddle up!


The Hero

A) Tapping into their Google Analytics gave me a clear worldview of what could be possible. And from those numbers, we could adjust efforts to exceed goals.

B) Defining their personality and solidifying the messaging that goes out into the world became their signature stamp in the online space.

C) Engaging reporters from the start of the contract made for an easier pitch to release an exclusive report with a bang, launched as my contract came to a close. Enter national media coverage, the Toronto Star.

Doing the above, quadrupled social media engagement which created buzz among their audience. Which also helped to sell out two Hiring Information events with the Bank of Montreal.

There was a heap of SEO implementation, revamping of content/newsletters, video launches, impact messaging —I left out and couldn't possibly tackle in one single article.

However, it only takes an open mind and the guts to put yourself out there to accomplish ambitious goals. And what I hope they continue to do far after my departure.

Need a Hand Dominating Your Corporate Communications?

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