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Fumble Forward, So You Never Need To Eat Your Words


Let me tell you a story of a girl who thought she could quit her job and start a business.

She did.


What she didn't anticipate was the real effort it took to launch it off the ground. 

She thought it would be simple. She thought it had to be easier than working a 9-5. She also thought her income would double in less time.

She underestimated the pressure of it all.


Her business ended up being a mirror to herself. 

She couldn't break barriers externally until she addressed what was happening within herself. Which made her realize what was really required to work for yourself. 


You have to be a boss and the janitor.

You not only have to make moves but clean up messes too. 


She found out real quick to make the type of money she wanted, it would take time and sacrifice. Alongside real effort.


She had to be patient with herself.
She had to let some things cook.
She had to let other things simmer.

She had to get used to being seated in discomfort.


This girl didn't quit though.

Despite the 2 am thoughts about it over a million times.

Despite being ridiculed for the direction she chose.


She would never give anyone the delight -- of letting her dreams go.

Instead, she planned, plotted and prayed.


She knew fumbling forward would soon become the fruits of her labor one day.

If she had to do it all over again, she would still choose banking on herself.


Even so, this story is still being written.

As we all know, only fairy tales give you closure & satisfaction.

And this is real life. 


Just so YOU never need to eat your words, fumble forward or be left behind.